Allied Irish Bank - Moneymachine

Digital Brand and Identity consultancy and logo design for new online banking project


Enterprise IG had been tasked with creating a new digital brand and identity for Allied Irish Bank.

The project was going to be an online banking service called Moneymachine.

This work began promptly around a logo that encaptured the futuristic nature at the time of online banking. To facilitate this it was decided that the logo mark would be a 3D graphic.

Many versions were created and eventually a torque shape was chosen. For presentation purposes this was created at the highest quality but there were difficulties reducing the file size below 2mb.

This was far from the ideal size of 14 kb required for fast loading on the current Internet speed.


Dean worked with the design team looking at various options to reduce the file size considerably that would be acceptable to the client.

Dean’s knowledge of interpolation and understanding of digital imagery he managed to reduce the file size four different options from between 2 kb and 11 kb, below the 14 KB margin.

The technique used was stepped resampling and dithered noise.

A website was created by Dean containing all of the options so they could be presented in genuine web pages to show the loading times over a slow connection and hand they would look in a web browser.


Dean and the design team were flown to Allied Irish Bank headquarters in Dublin where the team behind the new online banking service reviewed the options.

The logo variants were presented to the team saving the one that was closest to the original until last which was greeted with great enthusiasm as it was now possible so have a logo very close to the high quality 3D original.